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Hello and welcome, my name is Ian Gifford, I live in Chalgrove, near Oxford with my wife Barbara. We have been here for eight years having lived and worked all over the UK. We love this location because of the friendly village community and the fantastic links to the world, with Heathrow only 40 minutes away.

My dad encouraged my passion for travel from a very early age, taking me on exciting day trips to London, although I can still remember being too terrified to climb the ladder at the top of the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral!

As a teenager, I just wanted to see the world. I completed cycling tours to the West Country and organised school walking tours that led to running a New Forest Youth Hostel. My early career in hospitality ensured a strong appreciation for food and wine, which included running our own hotel and restaurant, that is why I feel local food and drink is an exciting part of travel.

Customer Service is part of my passion, going the extra mile, delivering the unexpected, when Covid-19 emerged I worked 24/7 to successfully repatriated all my customers from Australia, Vietnam, Philippines, Costa Rica and the Maldives, often needing to re-route and re-book as a result of restrictions that were emerging all the time. However, this is my approach even without CV-19 it is being there on the end of the phone when the customer needs me or resolving a problem before the customer is even aware. On one occasion, at 11pm, I became aware that Yosemite National Park was about to close, due to fires, my family were due to go two days later, I found alternative accommodation and then called the customer, confirming everything whist they stayed by the pool.

For my business customers, I have arranged events for companies including elaborate dining in unusual locations, an amazing firework display and made sure guests got to a Champions League match when all flights were cancelled due to an airport closure. However, with business travel it is all about being available to help plan, manage changes and provide solutions so the customer can concentrate on his priorities.

Identifying my favourite destinations is a challenge, however, seeing leaping Mantra Rays off the Pacific coast of Mexico was amazing, and the rustic village restaurant in Pergine Valdarno, Tuscany provided a uniquely warm feeling with other unforgettable experiences such as Samaria Gorge in Crete at dawn, skiing in powder at Verbier, Golf in the Algarve or watching a Grand Prix in Malaysia.

Whether it is advising a restaurant on a client’s food allergies or organising a private tour in Rome, making sure your travel plans are exactly how you want them is vital. It is my responsibility to ensure you have first class service, before, during and following your trip.

I am here to help, at times convenient to you, some of my clients have been in different time zones and I have planned calls at midnight before now, so if it is better for you to talk in the evenings or at weekends, that is fine with me. I look forward to talking with you soon.


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Whatever your holiday needs I'm here to help you, so simply give me a call or send me an email with your contact details on and I can get things started for you:

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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

On Business - Just a Phone call away

27 November 2020

For many of our clients, we have unintentionally become their own internal corporate Travel Management division. For example, over the last three years, we have been arranging monthly business trips for ten members of the senior team at an Oxfordshire-based engineering firm. They have been growing rapidly and have now expanded their operation across Europe, USA, Asia, and more recently South Africa. So, whether they need a day trip to Valencia, three days visiting their German distributors in Dusseldorf, Munich and Hamburg, a two weeks installation project in Hong Kong or multiple site visits across the East coast of America starting from Denver, Colorado and travelling down to Miami, Florida, we are their first port of call! Whether it is day or night, weekday or weekend, we are on speed dial for all your business travel! This actually makes great business sense for these engineers. It's not just about the ease of organisation and the huge time saving that entrusting us with their business travel brings them. They also appreciate the many thousands of pounds that we have saved their company by finding the most cost-effective routes and the best value airlines that coincide with their business appointments. Finally, as you have seen from our other case studies, we are experts in coping with the unexpected. Should anything untoward happen or your plans change at the last minute, you have the confidence to know that we are always on hand to find you the best solution.

Is it really cheaper on the Internet

27 November 2020

This case study is all about a family holiday to Egypt. The father serves in the RAF and had previously been posted both to Afghanistan and Iraq and so having a real family holiday was incredibly important to them all. The five of them arrived at Birmingham airport in plenty of time to board their aeroplane only to be told at the desk that, as the passport for their 15-year-old daughter would expire in less than six months, she would be unable to board the plane. The family were understandably distraught and decided they wouldn't holiday without their daughter and reluctantly left the airport. Back in their car, they rang us. We had previously checked all of their documentation and were quite sure that their daughter's passport was valid. In fact, the airline staff at the airport gate had misread the passport and should have allowed their daughter to board the plane. We told the family that we would sort this out for them. After six hours negotiating with the airline, we persuaded them to fly the family out to the same hotel in Egypt the following morning. The family returned to the airport the next day and flew out to Egypt. Although they did lose a day of their holiday, the rest of their trip went brilliantly and they had a truly fantastic holiday. However, that wasn't the end of it. We continued our discussions with the airline and they offered a 50% refund. Eventually, we succeeded in winning £2,000 compensation for the family that almost paid for their entire holiday! If you had booked your holiday over the internet and something had gone wrong in a similar fashion to our clients, would you have been able to persuade the airline to fly you out the following day? Would you also know that a "denied boarding" penalty exists under certain circumstances? Would you know what other refunds and compensation you would be entitled to claim and how to go about it in the right way to ensure success? Finally, would you have the patience, resilience and self-control to spend hours of telephone calls and emails to secure the best outcome? In this example, at first glance, an internet booking may have looked slightly less expensive. However, by choosing Travel Counsellors, this family had our team in their corner looking after all their interests at every single turn.

You've done it again

27 November 2020

Busy entrepreneurs, Lorna and Bryan, both run their own successful businesses and cope with the daily stresses that most directors endure. They both work really hard but also understand the need for a work/life balance and so, whenever possible, they like to play hard too. In 2018, they really fancied a weekend break in Berlin and invited another couple to join them. They asked us to find them a great hotel, some entertainment and all the necessary transfers etc. This is bread and butter to us and so after discussing whether they wanted some night life with dinner and dancing, or some theatre, museums and culture, or a city tour with a river cruise on the Spree or Havel or even tickets to see Bryan Ferry, who was playing at the Tempodrom, we created an itinerary of fun activities for them to choose. Our preparatory discussions proved fruitful as they choose almost the exact itinerary that we had suggested and so we made the bookings on their behalf. On their return to the UK, they told us that they had had a fantastic time and were really grateful for our help. Well, they say the proof is in the pudding and sure enough the following year, they wanted to plan a similar weekend with their same friends. Whether it was the Game Of Thrones "King's Landing" effect, which definitely has made an already desirable destination even more popular, they chose three days in Croatia's fabulous Dubrovnik and, once again, instructed us to create a fabulous trip for them. After arriving and settling into their hotel, they met downstairs in the bar, which, by the way, is an amazing converted cave hewn directly into the rock of Dubrovnik. After ordering a cocktail or two, they sent us the following text: "Hiya Mate, You've Done It Again!" The following afternoon, they sent us an additional text: "Wow, fantastic hotel, even better breakfast. You've even topped last year so have a fantastic weekend and get yourself a beer!" Bryan then added: "So, where are we going next year?!" (And if you keep reading our blogs, we'll tell you where we sent them next...) Obviously, we were thrilled that they are having another great time and, actually, it is this great feedback that gets us out of bed on cold, dark and wet Wednesdays and why we love what we do for a living. However, there is a serious point here. Lorna and Bryan work extremely hard and often have to work long hours and cope with their team's personnel issues on top of the daily grind of corporate life. By having set holidays and fancy trips planned and booked in advance they are helping themselves to keep a healthy work/life balance. This is proven to lead to improved performance at work, helps minimise stress and also reinforces the tight bond between partners with often hectic lives.

The Holiday Of A Lifetime

17 April 2019

You are only 50 years old once and so we are delighted to tell the story of an amazing husband who wanted to celebrate his wife’s significant birthday in true style. Our client knew that you could ride a train through the Canadian Rockies and so approached us and asked us to arrange a magical experience for them both. Their holiday of a lifetime started off in Calgary, Alberta where they headed off on a self-drive along the TransCanada Highway that winds its way through the Canadian Rockies towards the famous Banff National Park. They stopped at the Banff Sightseeing Gondola which floats gracefully up Sulphur Mountain in four-seater cabins and ends up at a lofty altitude of 2,281 metres. Once at the top they enjoyed a short hiking trail before refuelling at one of the restaurants with truly breath-taking views! Their overnight destination was the iconic Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel, which is surrounded by soaring mountain peaks, the majestic Victoria Glacier and a glistening emerald lake. This hotel is world-famous as a year-round luxury mountain resort offering guided mountain tours, world-class skiing in the winter, a luxury spa, and exceptional dining experiences. They continued their amazing drive into the Rockies towards to the Jasper National Park via the Icefields Parkway. The Icefields Parkway is one of the most extraordinarily beautiful car journeys in the world! With steep climbs and dramatic views around almost every corner, our couple saw the ancient glaciers at the Columbia Icefields, the bright, turquoise Peyto Lake, some thundering waterfalls and roadside viewpoints that extend for miles. They stopped off at Bow Lake to see the Crowfoot Glacier, which, as the name suggests, really is shaped like a crow's foot. They saw the Saskatchewan River Crossing where three different rivers meet and marvelled at the Weeping Wall that resembles a mountain with a river of tears. At Big Hill, the road descends into Big Bend, the famous hairpin turn that wraps round in a circle and showed them expansive views of the valley and river below. They then spent two days relaxing in the Jasper National Park enjoying walking wildlife expeditions and they particularly loved their elk spotting trip! At Jasper they boarded the Rocky Mountaineer; a two-day train ride travelling deliberately slowly through the Rockies at 30 miles an hour. We had booked them on the GoldLeaf Service experience so they could enjoy breath-taking panoramic views from the glass-domed carriages on the top level of the train. Their carriage also boasted an outside viewing platform – perfect to capture some amazing camera shots. With 5-star breakfasts and lunches served in the luxurious dining car downstairs, they were well looked after. As it grew dark on their first day, they stopped off and stayed the night at Kamloops. The trip was deliberately designed so all travelling was done during the daylight hours to maximise the views of the amazing scenery. Back on board for breakfast, their journey of a lifetime continued… Another highlight was arriving in Vancouver and then taking a seaplane tour along its glorious coast. They also visited North Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge which gets 800,000 visitors per year and boasts amazing views of kayakers way down in the river below and eagles perched expectantly in the trees. Their trip to Victoria on Vancouver Island was ideal for a spot of whale watching before they made their way to the island’s Campbell River for some salmon fishing. Remarkably, we had managed to pick one of the only times of the year when the salmon stream upstream to spawn, which, of course, attracted a party of grizzly bears, who showed off their fishing skills (good and bad) which really topped off the river experience. You won’t be surprised to hear that our couple loved every single minute of their amazing trip. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until you’re fifty to have the holiday of a lifetime! So, give us a call and see what we could offer for your next amazing adventure on 01865 987310.

Meet you at the Airport

27 November 2020

Another success story features a family of four, who were flying to the UK from New Zealand. For starters, we had already saved them $5,000 on the cost of the flights and had also booked them a lovely apartment in London - perfect for seeing the capital's sites. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the London accommodation provider had had to switch the apartment location at the last minute. In fact, this happened whilst the family were in the air and on their way! Knowing that the family didn't know London at all and were arriving at 9pm at night on a cold winter's day after a 32 hour journey, we got straight into our car and drove 80 miles to Heathrow to meet them straight off the plane. We greeted the sleep-deprived family and arranged for an executive taxi to transport them in style to their new apartment in Central London. As we anticipated the family may have been tired from their journey, we had also provided a welcome basket of groceries and the basics of wine, milk, and bread etc. Doreen was clearly worried about taking three small children across a strange capital city late at night on public transport. So, they were absolutely delighted to see us at Arrivals and so impressed with our personal care and their extremely warm welcome to their first visit to England. "We've holidayed many times before", says Doreen, "using the larger tour companies and we can categorically assure you that they would never have sent someone to meet us at nine pm on a Friday night whatever misshape had occurred. This was a classic example of the care that Ian and Barbara clearly take of all of their clients and we look forward to booking more trips with them again in the near future."

What happens when plans change

27 November 2020

A major aspect of our work is booking regular business travel for many of our corporate clients. Take Charles Greening for example. He was travelling on business from the UK to Los Angeles, then on to visit another client in North Carolina, with a final flight to New York before returning to the UK in time for the weekend. This wasn't the first time that Charles had made this trip but on this occasion a major storm hit New York and his flight from Greensborough, North Carolina, was cancelled. Within thirty minutes of notification, we had rebooked Charles onto another flight on another airline a couple of hours later so as to give time for the storm to pass. Just then our mobile rang. Charles was on the line and clearly upset as he had just heard that his son had had an accident and had been rushed into A&E back in the UK. All bets were off and our new challenge was to get Charles back to the UK as fast as possible. The bad weather had really set in by now and all flights from North Carolina had been grounded so we mobilised our Travel Counsellor duty desk to look at every flight from anywhere on the US East Coast to London. There was absolutely no availability until after the weekend, which frankly was hopeless. With determined persistence, we eventually unlocked one single seat to London leaving on the following day from Atlanta Georgia! However, there were now no flights from Greensborough to Atlanta. So, we arranged a taxi to drive Charles to North Carolina's Charlotte Douglas airport, which was over 100 miles away, and we also booked him on a direct flight to Atlanta. Arriving at Atlanta in plenty of time for that hard-fought last seat on the UK flight, Charles was at his son's bedside the following morning. We are delighted that his son made a full recovery and that we were able to support Charles in getting him back to the UK as quickly as we could. "Ian and Barbara really pulled out all the stops to help me overcome my challenging circumstances. The bad weather, lack of flights, and other complications didn't faze their team and they strove tirelessly to get me home as fast as physically possible. My family and I are extremely grateful and we continue to recommend you to all our friends and business colleagues." In fact, since that dramatic incident, Charles and many other people from his company have booked both business travel and foreign holiday trips through us ever since!

Don't let a mishap affect your holiday

27 November 2020

This case study really is in two parts. Firstly, we want to give you a flavour of another amazing bespoke trip that we arranged for a group of friends around South America. The second part of this story shows how working with us and the Travel Counsellors' team prevented an unfortunate event from ruining their trip. A group of friends asked us to organise a 28 day trip to South America taking in some of the most amazing sites and experiences of the area. Some of the highlights of this amazing holiday included: a trip to the best ranches in Mar de las Pampas an Argentine tango dance exhibition a cruise around the glaciers of Cape Horn a night in EcoCamp in the National Park of Patagonia (voted one of the best hotels in the world) a sightseeing trip around Santiago in Chile an adventure across the Atacama Desert a visit to the salt flats in Bolivia a cultural extravaganza in La Paz… And that's just mentioning eight of the exciting events! All in all, we actually arranged and booked 37 different events and eight flights and created a truly amazing holiday for this group. Unfortunately, there was one mishap during their trip. Whilst they were waiting for a train in Buenos Aires, a rucksack belonging to one of the couples was stolen. They contacted Travel Counsellors' local ground support partners, who assisted the couple as they reported the theft to the police and sorted out all the insurance coverage. The main item of value lost in the theft was a camera and, whilst this was covered by the insurance, the camera was full of photos that they had taken the day before in Buenos Aires. So we then re-evaluated their schedule and managed to rearrange their final day so that it could include a bespoke taxi journey. This trip was specifically tailored to take the couple back around those tourist sites that they had originally visited so they could retake all of the lost photos before catching their flight home. Who else would've gone to so much trouble to help recreate all of the memories of their holiday of a lifetime?

My customer stories

Sent by Anu Davies

Ian was outstanding in his response to my travel 'crisis'. He understood the situation very quickly, assessed the options, provided clear costing and made the alternative arrangements. What a blessing to have him on my team!

Sent by Claire Priest

We have been booking our holidays with you for the past 3 years now and every Holiday we always come back saying how are you going to top this one. From African Dancing on the beaches of Gambia to Climbing the steep steps in the Colosseum in Rome, Drift Diving off the Coral Reefs in Mexico and Snorkelling on a Private beach on the Greek island of Corfu! - Every Holiday has been a one we will never forget. Ian every time you book us to a new destination you put your heart and sole into your research to make sure you match all of our requirements. Your professionalism and your communication makes us feel reassured that we are in the right hands. You think of every little detail to take the stress away. At the beginning of last year you had planned our 2020 Christmas break to Thailand which we were very excited about but unfortunately due tfrom this holidayo COVID that stopped us from travelling, however we need not have worried as you had a back up plan B which was our recent holiday to St Lucia. With everything that was going on in the world we really did not know what to expect again with all of your research and looking out for our safety you really did achieve above and beyond . Not only did you send us to a COVID safe country our resort was very private and safe with all of its high standards and regulations. W. We had a private boat ride to see the Pitons, bathed in the volcanic mud baths, even saw Santa on water Skis! Scuba dives around Shipwrecks. paddle boarding to kayaking and even Zip Lining through the rainforests, this was definitely our dream holiday and there was never a dull moment! The Holiday as a whole was exceptional. You were always at hand any time of day and managed to upgrade our apartments and made sure we got back to the UK safely. ,How on earth will you top this one? Here’s to our next adventure!

Sent by Kieran O'Leary

When the lockdown eased in the summer I asked Ian from Travel Counsellors to help with booking a UK holiday. I was conscious that I wasn’t asking to book a multi-destination three month world tour and would have completely understood if Ian wasn’t too excited about arranging a few nights in a market town in England… but I could not have been more pleasantly surprised. Ian was genuinely interested in my family, what we liked doing, what was a sensible journey time given we have a three year old and if there were any special requirements. Within 24 hours I had a list of three options, all bang on the brief and after another brief chat, I made a choice and the holiday was booked. Simple. Needless to say, we had a great time on holiday and it was everything we asked for… but not just everything we asked for. It was more. And I’ve spoken to too many people who’ve used Ian and Barbara of Travel Counsellors to book holidays for themselves, friends and family to now know that this wasn’t just luck. Two bedrooms: check, spacious living space: check, indoor pool: check, 14 acres of woods with trails on the doorstep: check, short drive to market town with good fish and chips: check, and the icing on the cake… walking distance from an ice-cream parlour with individual COVID safe bouncy castles: check. So whenever you’re looking for a holiday and you’re not sure where to go but just like the idea of having someone research it, book it, call you the day before to wish you a good time and make sure all your questions are answered and quite simply if you want to have a better holiday than what you’ve asked for call Ian of Travel Counsellors.

Sent by Mary Thomas

We have a motto in our house – ‘Don’t go on holiday without Ian’. Ian and Barbara have organised the last 4 holidays for myself and my husband – 3 outside the UK and 1 in Cornwall and have organised holidays for both my children. Why book with Ian? It’s a no brainer….. I could talk about his knowledge, the way he goes the extra mile to find the best holiday, the advice he offers, the time he saves me having to look for flights, hotels etc., the best deals he finds, but I think this story sums it up. We were in Costa Rica at the start of lockdown in March. Cutting a very long story short, 2 days into our organised tour everything was cancelled and we were told to get flights home. Within 5 hours of contacting Ian (at 10pm uk time), he had booked us onto flights home. When those flights were cancelled the following day, he was already on the case to find us other flights. Not as easy as it sounds when airlines were shutting down around us and we weren’t allowed to fly back through the US. Not only did he manage to get us on new flights but was with us every step of the way to calm us down and give us the best advice. Not sure whether we or Ian were more relieved when the flight touched down in London….. and imagine how many Ian’s other of clients were also trapped at the same time who he helped. If you think that was a one-off, we were caught up in an internal country riot in a previous holiday and were told by the foreign office to leave. The only reason Ian didn’t have to help was that we were scheduled to leave that day anyway. It’s quite simple ‘Don’t go on holiday without Ian’

Sent by Andrew Garland

Dear Ian, My wife and I recently had you arrange travel for us to Thailand and New Zealand. You delivered us a brilliant package, that met all our needs and we had so much fun. You listened carefully to what we were looking for and you delivered in a very competitive manner. We even received a massive hotel upgrade, we were in total luxury. However, the absolute bonus is having you create and organise our itinerary was the comfort of knowing, if anything went wrong you were there ready to help. Yes things did go wrong, no visa to get into New Zealand of all places (with my New Zealand passport still in the UK). Quite a complicated story but suffice to say I was stuck in Thailand and unable to travel to New Zealand, this tested both Tina and I to out limits, especially as we had family celebrations awaiting us. You were there on the end of the phone and message, you went out of your way ringing all manner of people to solve our situation. You were very calm and kept us sane as the clock worked its way down to the flight departure time and the prospect of Tina travelling and me being stuck. Thank you for your support, the problem solved, I can only say if one does not use you to organise and assist with travel then they would be crazy. The internet is OK but the personalised service you provide is simply unbeatable.

Sent by Stefanie Calleja-Gera

As a commercial photographer, I’m used to dealing with a wide range of clients and working under different levels of pressure so it was important to me when I booked a surprise 40th birthday holiday for my husband and 6 of our friends, that not only was it fabulous but that should anything go wrong that I wouldn’t be left to deal with it on my own and having heard such amazing reviews of Ian’s service at Travel Counsellors I knew I’d be in safe hands. Boy did you deliver! Firstly, and most importantly, the villa you found for us on the banks of Lago De Maggiore with it’s own private beach & spectacular views of the Swiss mountains was just stunning. Now, you hope nothing will go wrong, but of course, sometimes things just happen and after a superb weekend, we decided to take a trip across the boarder to Switzerland when smoke started pouring in from the engine of our hire car – EEK. I called, you answered immediately, you informed the car company and were literally there with me every step of the way and helped me deal with some very non responsive Italians who not only got the address of our breakdown wrong despite you sending it to them via email, but also told me their hire recover vehicle had a flat tire – I mean you couldn’t write this stuff! But despite things outside our control, you were not only incredibly professional and a fantastically calming influence, but with the weight of the Travel Counsellors behind you, you were like a dog with a bone, problem solving at every turn and always there to support me, so much so that by the end of the trip all our friends were saying “Everyone needs an Ian”. I will never book a holiday again without the help and support of Travel Counsellors as I know you’re always in my corner so of course I’d have no hesitation in recommending you to other businesses, clients & colleagues.

Sent by Marc Kavanagh

As an independent mortgage adviser I spend a lot of my time listening to clients needs and designing solutions for them, so it was great to find that you took the same approach to our holiday requirements. We gave you a budget, a brief of what the four of us wanted from our trip to America and left you to come up with the holiday. Well, you blew us away with your attention to detail. The options came with advice on the best routes to fly, the days to travel, the trips to go on, cost comparisons on flight in country compared to travel by car, a personal view on the pros and cons of out choice and so much more. My wife also received a birthday card, which arrived before mine! But it is the same things that show you really are more than just a guy that arranges holidays. We will, without doubt use you again for our future trips and will have no hesitation in recommending you to our family and friends. Thanks again, Ian.

Sent by Helen Lawrence 

At Morgen HR we pride ourselves in helping our clients, managing their expectations and delivering a high quality service. We have high standards and so do our clients and we expect the same from others with whom we do business. With that in mind I really felt I had to write and sing your praises over my recent trip to Iceland, the magic started when we arrived at Heathrow and were met at check-in by a lovely man, wheelchair in hand, who proceeded to whisk us through security. He even helped us remove shoes, jackets and watches to speed up the process. He left us to have our breakfast and then re-joined us just as they announced out flight, helped us on board and wished us well. When we arrived in Iceland we were met by their assistance service who escorted us and helped with immigration and collecting our luggage before seeing us to our taxi. On arrival at our hotel the mobility scooter we had ordered was waiting in our room. Every aspect of our trip had been carefully thought out by you and both Paul and I felt supported throughout our trip. The return journey was no different with assistance being provided from arrival at the airport right the way through to us collecting our car at the other end. I can't believe you went to so much trouble on our behalf to make sure that the journey was stress free as possible. Thank again to you and Barbara for sorting all this out for me and I will be recommending you to all my family and friends. Helen and Paul Lawrence Morgen HR Consultants 8th March 2018

Sent by Maryam Rowhani

We received Excellent services from Ian. Ian was very patient with me when planning my two week last minute holiday with my husband, and is very diligent at his work. He was highly responsive and available for questions, and very attentive to my needs and last minutes changes of plan as well. It always seems he works around the clock - which is something to greatly appreciate! Another crucial point is that he is very conscious of cost, which is rare to find. Thank you for a fantastic holiday!

Sent by Joanne Smith

As a family business it's often a challenge to balance work and home life. When our daughter Mabel decided that a 'once in a lifetime' trip to Costa Rica and the USA would be the highlight of her gap year, we wanted to help her with her plans, but quite honestly didn't know where to start. This is where your advice and excellent knowledge and network in the travel industry has proved to be invaluable; both to reassure me, as a parent, and also to give Mabel the confidence to explore parts of the world she had only ever dreamed of visiting. Your contacts in Central America gave her real confidence that she was choosing the right destinations, your negotiating skills and knowledge of available deals meant that you were able to deliver more for the budget than she expected or thought possible. She was particularly impressed with how quickly you came back to her with suggestions and deals and also how accommodating you were in finding time to discuss or explain them - often in the evening or over the weekend. You were also extremely thorough in your research and the level of detail you provided. Finally, the personal service and care you took to explain your suggestions both in detail on email, but also over the phone, made a great impression and helped her immensely in making some big decisions. We are all really excited about her trip and confident that it will be a great success. Thanks for all your help and Iwould not hesitate to recommend you to friends, family and colleagues.

Sent by Suellen West

Ian Gifford was fantastic to work with. I am located in the US. Ian was available, had fabulous follow up, and was very knowledgeable about the US & European travel. I felt like I was his only client! I will certainly use Ian & Travel Counsellors in the future